The present paper discusses the heterogeneity of the apartment market. For this purpose, we have developed the model for the mass valuation of apartments in the Republic of Slovenia. The construction of the mass valuation model is based on the generalised additive model approach. In this paper, the development of the model is presented. In the experimental part, the analysis of the results of the two models is performed. The dependent variable (the price of an apartment) is distributed according to the Gaussian and the gamma distributions. Particular attention has been paid to the impact of the transaction time on the apartments’ transaction value. The results of the model are also compared with the results of the mass valuation model in the Republic of Slovenia, which is carried out cyclically and iteratively, the results of which depend on the results (and mass valuation models) of previous cycles.

Key words: market value, real property market, mass valuation, GAM, SPAR, sale price, apartments