In 2019, the Austrian surveyors will celebrate the 50 years anniversary of the enactment of the Austrian Surveying Act. The date of the enactment of this law was also the hour of birth for the Austrian Legal Boundary Cadastre (germ. der Grenzkataster) and with it a milestone to ensure the legal security of parcel boundaries. The jubilee is taken as the occasion to introduce the development, implementation and running of the Legal Boundary Cadastre to a wider scientific community. After a short history of the Austrian Cadastre, the process of its transition from the Fiscal Cadastre to the Legal Boundary Cadastre is documented in the article. The current situation with strengths and weaknesses of the system is outlined and scheduled developments are introduced.

Key words: land cadastre, legal boundary cadastre, fiscal cadastre, surveying law, land administration system, land register, land parcel, Austria