This article describes the current situation and activities on the establishment of the national horizontal coordinate system of Slovenia. In Slovenia, a horizontal coordinate system (reference frame) denoted as D96/TM, which is based on the EUREF GPS campaigns performed more than 20 years ago, is used. In daily geodetic practice, the access to the national coordinate reference system is provided by the national network of continuously operating GNSS stations, called SIGNAL, which has been in use for more than ten years. Because of the active geodynamics, the coordinates of the reference frame points diverge in time. To ensure the proper quality of the coordinate reference system, many activities have been started in recent years. The national combined geodetic network, also referred to as the ‘zero-order network’, and the Analytical Centre of GNSS Service were established, and the ‘EUREF Slovenia 2016’ GNSS campaign was performed. All these activities and plans to provide a high quality national horizontal coordinate reference system in the long term are presented.

Key words: national geodetic reference system coordinate time series, EUREF, geokinematic model, GNSS, horizontal coordinate system, zero-order geodetic network