Energy remediation or renovation of buildings is an engineering project that provides saving of at least half the energy used for heating and cooling. The article presents the possibilities of cooperation of the geodetic profession in the energy remediation of complex buildings that require the construction of building plans based on 3D-graphic models of objects. The combination of classical terrestrial measurement of facade and terrestrial laser scanner is presented on a case of multi-apartment building, with the aim of energy remediation using prefabricated facade elements. Considering the required high precision, adequate geodetic network needs to be established and high resolution of detail scanning must be provided. The measurement and processing of the reference object show that geodesy with advanced measurement technologies can provide support to other professions and thus significantly influence the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of energy remediation.

Key words: geodetic network, energy renovation of facade, classical terrestrial measurement TPS, terrestrial laser scanning TLS, metric 3D-graphic model of object