To better manage data in agriculture, governmental services implement geoinformation systems. These systems may be used as an aid to calculation of subsidies, serve as means of control and as support in decision making while following the latest technologies and standards. One of the oldest policies of the EU, the Common Agricultural Policy, implements a system for agricultural subsidies along with an information system to aid in enforcing it. This paper provides one design for an exhaustive geoinformation system in the Republic of Serbia and verification of the mentioned system with test data. The system must fulfil requirements and standards as one of the conditions for accessing the EU. These needs are met by extending the current Serbian framework while conforming to directives and standards such as INSPIRE, ISO/LADM and LPIS. A suggestion is shown in the paper for using this system in communicating and presenting relevant data to the farmers through a geoportal Web application which also serves as a way of verifying the system.

Key words: agriculture, subsidies in agriculture, standards, web application, geoinformation system