The 3D cadastre concept brings data models, which are more complex than traditional 2D cadastral data models and could be followed by a large amount of data. The 3D cadastral data should be stored in database management systems, since the cadastral data integrity and consistency have to be satisfied. Relational database management system requires a tabular structure where data are stored within predefined columns and data types, and this could be uncomfortable for 3D cadastre until relational provides full 3D support. This study examines the possibility of using NoSQL databases in the 3D cadastre domain. NoSQL database stores unstructured data, which means that it is not required to define in advance what data types and categories will be used. From the 3D cadastre point of view, the NoSQL approach provides flexibility in data types and allows easier implementation of the 3D cadastral models. The implementation is conducted by using MongoDB and 3D Cadastral Data Model, where 3D cadastral data, including both alphanumerical and geometry part of data, are prepared for importing and then stored, managed, queried, and updated within NoSQL database. Furthermore, data stored in MongoDB are visualized and queried inside a web browser by using Cesium library.

Key words: 3D Cadastre, NoSQL database, MongoDB, RDBMS, 3D visualization, Cesium