The development of topographic survey and production of topographic maps in scale 1:25,000 in the Republic of Croatia started in 1993 with the completion of the project the Official Topographic-Cartographic Information System (STOKIS). The STOKIS project defined the topographic and cartographic data model. The Croatian Topographic Information System (CROTIS) was created using the guidelines from STOKIS as the data model that was a foundation for the establishment of The Basic Topographic Database (BTD). The topographic maps in scale 1:25,000 for the whole territory of Croatia were made by processing data uploaded in the BTD since 2003. The CROTIS data model has changed during the years due to technological development in the field of geospatial data. Up to this day, four versions of CROTIS have been produced. This paper will give an overview of the development from the first to the last version. CROTIS 2.0 is a topographic model that refers to the collection of data on the land area of the Republic of Croatia. As 35% of the area of the Republic of Croatia is covered by the sea, this paper will show the topographic model by the Croatian Hydrographic Institute (HHI) from Split. This paper for all propose The Basic National Topographic Model for the territory of the Republic of Croatia by the harmonization of the two mentioned models.

Key words: Topographic model, object classes, Croatian Topographic Information System (CROTIS), Basic National Topographic Model (BNTM)