This paper introduces the process of land consolidation and current use of geographic information systems (GIS) in the Czech Republic. Contemporary land consolidation in the Central European region, unlike Western Europe, has been implemented relatively recently, hence there is no contingency or previous experience to build upon. This brings about an opportunity for a modern design of GIS‐based land consolidation. Although the design of land consolidation projects in the Czech Republic is mainly conducted in CAD software, this paper focuses on the utilisation of GIS and stresses the importance of standardisation of land consolidation data. Standardisation allows automatic processing of data as well as effortless publishing. The author proposes a new object‐oriented data model of the landscape plan (Common Facilities Plan), which allows for the storing of such plans in a central spatial database and adding attribute information to each object, thus providing analysis of the data in a GIS. The data model alongside data standardisation lays the groundwork for the architectural proposal of a new GIS (geoportal) of Common Facilities Plans.

Key words: geographic information system, GIS, land consolidation, common facilities plan, standardisation, geoportal, geospatial data